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Leading the way with the launch of the electronic pruning shears in 1987, Pellenc has since developed many electric handheld tools. All of these tools use revolutionary Pellenc motors which bring power and efficiency to your products while reducing their weight and size for precise, fatigue-free work. Pellenc was the world's first manufacturer to introduce lithium-ion technology into its handheld tools. Pellenc has developed its own technology for a power/weight/battery life solution suitable for intensive, professional work.

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Airion Blowers


An extremely quiet and lightweight, revolutionary blower

The Airion blower can be used near noise-sensitive areas such as hospitals, schools, camp sites, town centres, etc. It is also perfectly suitable as a cleaning tool for roads alongside sweepers at any time of the day and it works just as effectively as a replacement for the traditional sweeper in towns as it does in parks and gardens.


Simplifying an often tedious task

The Cultivion soil cultivator is the only of its kind in the world and can be used across a large range of applications, from working the soil to weeding. Due to its lightweight and stable characteristics, Cultivion is very easy to use. Cultivion allows you to work on the ground surface as well as below.



Excelion 2000 Professional Brushcutter


Excelion 1200 Linetrimmer & Brushcutter

2 in 1 tool: brushcutter and line trimmer

Excelion is a multipurpose brushcutter which can be used for finishing work as well as for trimming long and thick grass. Its ergonomics have been carefully designed for user comfort. Particular attention has been given to the carrying harness and the anti-vibration handle.


Introducing the ultimate professional brushcutter 

Combining lightness, strength and durability, and with 2000 watts of power, a new ergonomic handlebar and heavy duty  carrying harness , the new brushcutter from Pellenc has been designed specifically with the most demanding end-user in mind. 



Fixion Tying Machines


Helion Hedgetrimmers

One of a kind!

The Fixion tying machine simplifies an often tedious task thanks to its fast tying capabilities. It allows you to carry out this process reliably and quickly. Fixion has been specially designed for use with the all-new flexible tie. Fixion operates in the same way as its predecessor, the AP25, and is compatible with all ties from the Pellenc range: Standard, Flexible, Stainless Steel, Bio and Paper.

Power and Precision

The Helion hedge trimmers are efficient tools which meet the needs of professionals in terms of power and trimming quality. Their odour-free operation and lightness allow the user to work comfortably when maintaining robust hedges or ornamental trees. 



Lixion Evolution Secateurs


Olivion Olive Harvesting Rake

Fastest and lightest shears on the market!

Specially designed for viticulture, the Lixion Evolution pruning shears improve working conditions with their easy handling, ergonomics and cutting quality. They are also the lightest and most compact shears on the market with the handpiece weighing just 787g!


Exceptional handling and harvesting quality

Olivion is the new electronic shaker rake for harvesting olives.

It operates with a multifunction battery or with a convertor for a 12V batter (used in a car). The range includes a fixed pole model, P230, and a telescopic model, T220/300.



Selion Handheld Chainsaws


Selion Pole & Telescopic Chainsaws

Unrivalled power/weight ratio

With an unrivalled power/weight ratio and a standard assembly of OREGON 1/4" chain, specially designed for pruning, the Selion handheld chainsaws cut cleanly and with precision. Extremely light, the Pellenc chain guide in steel and composite material allows these chainsaws to twist flexibly and prevent breakages in the case of accidental catching. 

Chainsaws for working at height with ease

The Selion fixed and telescopic polesaws cut with precision. With a height range of up to 4.5 metres, work can be carried out without a carrying harness due to their lightness. The Selion polesaws are ideal for use in noise-sensitive areas and are powerful enough for forest work.



Treelion Pruning Shears


Ultra Lithium Battery

Versatile for use in all situations

The Treelion range of pruning shears offers users the perfect cutting power and quality work. Whether it is the M45 handheld model or the D45 two-handed pole models, they function in the same way and offer the same adjustments. Able to cut up to 45mm in diameter, the Treelion pruning shears are suitable for fruit growing as well as green spaces. 


Batteries with benefits

The range of Pellenc ULiB batteries enables the tools to be used across a range of different industries. The ULiB batteries allow the user to work for a full day on a single charge. Pellenc is the only professional tool manufacturer to offer a whole range of tools that operate with ultra-high capacity multipurpose batteries.


Cultivion Soil Cultivators